Fitting into Costumes

Welcome to Gothic Realm, the place for all things gothic – obviously :-)

So what sort of things will fill this site eventually? Films, books, fantasy characters, accessories and the latest craze’s, but of course no gothic site is complete without weird stories and tales of the paranormal. So if any of that interests you then stick around and I hope you will be ‘mildly’ entertained.

Gothic Costumes

My second passion, after writing, is fantasy clothing and although not quite gothic my favourite dress of all time is the one Celine Dion wears in the music video for ‘It’s all coming back to me now‘. I love that ball room type dress with a twist.

For various shows that I have been in, I have worn my fair share of costumes, some beautiful and elegant…others not so much. But the thrill of dressing up as somebody other than yourself is addictive and I am forever rummaging through thrift stores and markets looking for that extra special outfit. Being in amateur dramatics gives me lots of opportunities to wear character outfits, and usually I don’t have a problem with whatever costume is thrown my way. In my later years though it is becoming more of an issue to get clothes to fit, and if they do, getting them to look as elegant as they can with annoying bulges showing where they shouldn’t.

My next big show is in three months’ time and the outfit I have to wear is similar to the one below, although long and more fitted – certainly no room for any extra bulges! So out with the chocolate and other unhealthy foods and in with the exercise bike and lettuce! My biggest problem though is with motivation and having the mind set to stick to dieting, and sometimes the love I have for food outshines the love I have for my gothic costumes. My friend recommended a site recently called venus factor weight loss and it has some good pointers on keeping motivation topped up, worth a try I suppose.


So, for now I will keep at it and have my costume hung on the outside of my wardrobe so I and stare at it while I am peddling away! I still think I’ll have more luck with imagining some creature out of my favourite gothic novels chasing me would have more luck in getting me to cycle but we will see.

Until then, I will be researching some great images for this site that will hopefully make my rambling more palatable.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like the site.